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Bringing Men into the Parenting Conversation


What Is Special Time?

Get ready for some laughter and connection

Saturday, June 12,
1:00 pm PDT (Los Angeles) | 4:00 pm EDT (New York) | 9:00 pm BST (London)

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Ask a child who has experienced at least a few good chunks of Special Time what they think of it, and I bet you will hear,

"I LOVE IT!!!" 

What children love is that rare chance to be fully in charge of our relationship, if even for 5 minutes. Offering Special Time to our children is an extremely effective (dare we say "fun?") way to warm up our connections and win their cooperation. For over 30 years, Hand in Hand has found that Special Time plays a fundamental role in transforming those persistent behavioral challenges that leave us parents feeling exhausted, frustrated, and overwhelmed. 

If Special Time is such a powerful parenting tool, why does it feel so #$!% hard to do?! 

At this Dads Connect, we will explore this question and give each other the support we need to offer Special Time with more confidence, enthusiasm, and regularity. The children in our lives are cheering us on, so let's do this!

We are offering this free event series to support men who are interested in using the Hand in Hand approach with the children in their lives. At each meeting, we will share successes and challenges, address questions, and support one another. We gather together to improve our relationships with the children in our lives, to build support for ourselves, and to remind each other that we are not alone with our struggles.

Hand in Hand provides programs for all people who are caring for children in any capacity. We occasionally offer specialized programs for people in particular caregiving roles and/or identity groups to provide support specific to their experiences. This event is for men/male-identified people who are caring for children in any caretaking role.

Facilitated by Hand in Hand Parenting instructors Tom Anderson and Blake Adams. 

Hand in Hand helps parents strengthen and rebuild the parent-child connection so that they can feel successful as they love their children, and so children can thrive on the love their parents have for them. Hand in Hand teaches and supports parents to use heart-centered Listening Tools to resolve a wide variety of emotional, relational and behavioral challenges.

80% of adults feel like their parents didn't really love and accept them when they were children
(Goulding, 2013, 2015)

How can we give children a sense of security and healthy attachment in times full of change and uncertainty?

Hand in Hand Parenting Approach

Hand in Hand Parenting is a set of accessible, trauma-informed tools that help when parenting is hard. These tools have been used by thousands of parents, educators, and mental health professionals over the last 30 years. (www.handinhandparenting.org)