Real-Life Ways to Helping Your Child with Separation and School Stress

What to Do for After-School or Homework Meltdowns


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  • When? Sep 21st, 8PM London (GMT), 3PM New York (EDT), 12PM Los Angeles (PDT)
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  • Who? Presented by Pamela Quiery and Miriam Ben-Haim, Instructors of Hand in Hand Parenting

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Hand in Hand Parenting is a nonprofit here to support
parents like you when parenting is hard

Your child comes home from school or childcare, their teacher or caregiver tells you they had a great day, and yet they are grumpy, refuse to do their homework, or can't stop fighting with their sibling. You end up dealing with another meltdown.

What is going on? Firstly, you are not alone! Many parents notice their children struggle with big emotions after school.

If you would like to understand why this happens and, most importantly, what you can do about it, then sign up to our no-cost webinar with Hand in Hand Parenting Instructors Miriam Ben-Haim and Pamela Quiery.


“Hand in Hand Parenting and Pamela’s Starter Class has been and is life changing in our family life, in my life and in my child’s life. There are still tough days, but having tools that I understand and have analysed and tried within a support group has really equipped me with confidence that I’m doing the right thing for myself and my family.”

-Amie, Mum of a 3 year old.

“Thank you for helping me with my daily parenting struggles. Thank you for all the useful tools relating to your own personal experiences and for providing me with a fabulous group of people to exchange good and bad with, but most importantly laughter and a listening ear. Forever grateful.”

I have found Hand in Hand Parenting to be an excellent resource. It is a wonderful tool to have when dealing with parenting challenges. The way Miriam spoke about it and taught us made complete sense and gave me a feeling of confidence in my parenting.”

“I have discovered that properly listening to my child has changed our relationship. It makes me feel more connected to my daughter. It also has helped me in other areas of my life. I feel that I have a greater sense of calm from learning to listen.”

“Miriam did a brilliant job and was always open and supportive. She offered really good ideas for me in dealing with an issue with my daughter and I am deeply grateful to her.”