Transform Bedtime Struggles With Just Ten Minutes Of Laughter And Physical Play

High energy play right before bed? Really? Yes really! 

Many parents look at me in disbelief when I tell them that high energy play before bedtime can be just what their children need to get off to a good night’s sleep.

Many parents believe the key to a successful bedtime is keeping things quiet and calm before bed. Wrong! A burst of high energy play before bed can boost connection and help your child get off to sleep peacefully.

In this free talk, you will learn the science behind rough and tumble play and how that might be just what your child needs before bed. 

You'll hear some great ideas to get you started with physical play, guaranteed to bring a big dose of fun and laughter to bedtime. 

And of course, we will talk about the all-important transition from play to a peaceful bedtime.

Monday, Feb 1st at 8:00 PM UK /12:00 noon US Pacific.

Certified Hand in Hand Instructor


Certified Hand in Hand Instructor

“I discovered Hand in Hand parenting after my second child was born. This was a challenging time for us as my older daughter struggled with the transition to having a sibling. Hand in Hand gave me such a beautiful understanding of how emotions work and I immediately found more compassion for my children and myself. I also found the practical tools I needed to strengthen my connection with my children and find laughter and fun amidst the mayhem of being a parent." 

"We all put toys away, relaxed and connected so that it felt like a good time together. What a discovery!"

"Now it's not a struggle to have her hand over her electronics to us when we ask. I also feel that now we are more connected and having fun together."