Hand in Hand Parenting


How To Parent As A Team

No matter how much you clash, or how different your parenting approaches feel right now.

Monday October 10th
1:00 PM PDT (Los Angeles) | 4:00 PM EDT (New York) | 9:00 PM BST (London)

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In this free class, you'll discover...

  • Simple strategies and tools you can use to work through clashes and inconsistencies in your parenting styles, without increasing friction, frustration or fighting so you can enjoy parenting together and spending time with your child.
  • Action plans to help with judgment and loneliness so you can confidently parent the way you want, and in the way that feels best for your family.
  • Nurturing responses you can use when your partner or family is critical of your parenting approach so that you can protect your needs, preserve your relationships and keep them strong.
  • Strategies and responses you can use when yelling, bribes or threats are part of your partner's parenting style, even when you feel triggered, angry or sad, so you can reduce stand-offs and power battles and increase trust and connection.
  • Simple ways to explain Hand in Hand Parenting and its effectiveness to others, so you can feel in-sync, supported and on the same wavelength as you parent your child together.
  • Helpful ideas you can use when you feel stuck in the middle, between a parent or family member and your child, so that you can feel confident about gaining support when you need it, and can rely on your partner and family members when they take charge.
  • How to reduce the stress and worry you have about clashing parenting styles and why you don't have to share the exact same parenting approach to raise good, kind, confident kids.
  • And much more.

If you feel like you are on a different wavelength with your partner, you feel judged or lonely in your parenting choices, or you simply want practical strategies for getting a partner on board with your parenting style...

Join us and discover how to resolve your differences and enjoy parenting together in a way that feels good for you all.

This class is absolutely free.

Monday October 10th

1pm PDT (Los Angeles)

4pm EDT (New York)

9pm BST (London)



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What is the

Hand in Hand Parenting Approach?

Hand in Hand Parenting is a set of accessible, trauma-informed tools that help when parenting is hard. These tools have been used by thousands of parents, educators, and mental health professionals over the last 30 years. (www.handinhandparenting.org)