Hand in Hand Parenting


The Power of Playfulness:
Parenting's Hidden Treasure

Tuesday, May 11th,
11:00 am BST (London)

Come and join Kirsty Pakes for a free 1-hour webinar on the power of playfulness.

Find out why playfulness is parenting’s hidden treasure and secret weapon!

Kirsty is a clinical psychologist specialising in child and adolescent mental health.  She has two children of her own and she has recently become credentialed as an Instructor of Hand in hand Parenting. Kirsty is passionate about promoting emotional well-being and resilience in children, and the prevention of mental health difficulties.

This online event will be most suitable for parents of children under 10.

We will discuss:

  • the importance of connection for your child’s emotional development
  • the relationship between connection and off-track behaviour
  • the secret ingredients of the kind of play that will boost your connection with your child and enhance their well-being
  • the Hand in Hand tool called “Playlistening”
  • how to use playfulness to help your child when their behaviour goes off-track
  • how play can help your child with specific issues, like fears
  • physical play
  • lots of practical examples
  • when it’s hard to feel playful as a parent

To find out more about Kirsty, visit her website  www.kirstypakes.com

80% of adults feel like their parents didn't really love and accept them when they were children
(Goulding, 2013, 2015)

How can they give their children a sense of security and healthy attachment they themselves didn't have?

Hand in Hand Parenting Approach

Hand in Hand Parenting is a set of accessible, trauma-informed tools that help when parenting is hard. These tools have been used by thousands of parents, educators, and mental health professionals over the last 30 years. (www.handinhandparenting.org)

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