We’re still doing this?!?! 
Surviving Pandemic Parenting

A three-part web series to help you tackle the hard stuff about parenting in isolation and under stress.

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Hand in Hand Parenting

Certified Hand in Hand Instructors, Priya Raghav, LICSW, and Lauren Fine

As parents themselves, Priya and Lauren live the challenges of parenting in a pandemic every day and can't wait to share with you what makes things easier, closer, and more fun at their houses.


A 3-Week Series for Pandemic Pressured Parents

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Live on Tuesdays
January 26, February 2nd, and February 9th
at 7:30pm Pacific Time

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What we'll rethink:

Week One: January 26th 7:30-8:30pm

Making Sense of Limits When The Whole World Is Already Saying No

"Can we go to Kimmy’s house?" No.
"Can we go to the playground?" No.
"Can we go out for dinner?"
"Can I have a birthday party?" No.

All the “no’s” coming from outside can make us feel like we have to give in to our child’s every whim and demand.  We’ll explore when and how to set a limit, when to let one go, and how to change your mind - in front of your kid.  We’ll even cover how to set a limit in a way that builds connection and cooperation.

Week Two:  February 2nd, 7:30-8:30pm


How is it that we’re all stuck in the house, but our kids’ needs for connection just seems to be bottomless?? 

They want our constant attention, we need to work or tend to the baby, and we wonder “For goodness sake, can you just play by yourself for 10 minutes?? You have 3,587 toys!!” 

We will explore some tried and true strategies to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to connection time. 

And, bonus: these strategies also foster their self-confidence and independence.

Week Three: February 9th, 7:30-8:30pm

I Can’t Stop Nagging My Child - They Can’t Stand It, But If I Don’t Correct Them, No One Will!

Maybe it’s nail biting.  Or chewing with their mouth open.  Or talking so loudly that you wonder if your neighbors hear your child’s every request.  It seems like our kids are turning into brats, and we are worried.  And it’s not like they take it so well when we offer these corrections!  For many of us, we are the only adults with eyes on our children right now, and it can feel like we have to correct every little thing - otherwise, who will??  We will look at that nagging instinct - why it arises, how to calm it, and what to do when your worries about your child overwhelm you. 

"We all put toys away, relaxed and connected so that it felt like a good time together. What a discovery!"

"Now it's not a struggle to have her hand over her electronics to us when we ask. I also feel that now we are more connected and having fun together."